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A Bit About Us

Adventure and Excitement...don't forget your 20-sided DIE

We would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone of you for stopping by our tiny corner of the Internet universe.

Founded in 2016 Hello Imposter is the brainchild of John Price and Klynt Wilhelmi. With the help of multiple space cruises and killing of brain cells. (Unfortunately or Fortunately our brain cells XD!!) With John ¨Hendo¨ Henderson and Dustin Pascoe, 
With a polished original sound that mirror million selling artists and bombastic covers.
Hello Imposter is a solid rock band that knows how to bring out the energy in a crowd and pull out all the stops with your favorite songs.

Hello Imposter takes events and parties to the next level.
John Price ( STEVE, Square Community, Pimp hand strong)
Klynt Wilhelmi ( Sovereign Sect Carl Clinton and the great divide, SGT. 606 Kron)
Dustin Pascoe (Pimp Hand Strong, Square Community)
Hendo - (Ghost Wagon, Fancy Bastard, Happy Birthday Janis, Uncomfortable Uncle, Bettina Villamil and Friends 2 & 1/2 Brains Jill & the New Gruv)

"We are eclectic group of musicians who try to take the best of all the eras of music and compile them to make a new sound that has reflections of the old."- KW

Together in Unity,

John, Klynt, Hendo and Dusten.


Once Upon A Time...

Not too long ago in a universe very close by, our fearless cosmic leader was part of a historic event!  He also had the privilege to attend a conference in Nashville click link on the links below for a more in depth look.

Hello imposters! it´s Klynt here let me give you guys the skinny on the story. I was in a band back in the late 90's called Sgt. 606 We were so blessed to be signed with CCM/Sony music, recorded a few albums and did a multi-city tour! Unfortunately things don't last. However, We made history! (Weirdly enough!) We were fortunately one of those bands or artist that had our album put on a very rare format called a DCC {Digital compact cassette} and because of that we were inducted to the DCC museum along with 50 other artist which is pretty exciting!

I encourage you to click the link below and check out more!

I also made an appearance at the 2018 DIY Musicians Conference. I spoke at a few forums speaking about my experience with Sgt.606´s induction to the DCC.


Sgt. 606 Inducted into DCC Museum

September 11, 2016

Click the link for the DCC Museum.


Appearance at Nashville Rock Convention

July 20, 2018

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